Jodie Mashburn

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Jodie has performed with Invertigo since 2010, in Descent of the Docent at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and WreckTangle at the Ford Amphitheatre.

He began his journey in dance in the beautiful state of Georgia. He was introduced to the amazing world of clogging, the first style of dance to steal his heart. It was there he discovered he had a gift and a purpose. As a completive dancer, he was able to perform throughout the US winning various national titles, performed on T.V. specials, and at the 1996 Olympics. He was blessed from there to share this gift by choreographing for top competitive teams.

Jodie believes his purpose in life is to spreads Peace, Love, and Art to the world, he believes that in the moment of dreams, magic happens. Jodie is inspired everyday by God to Live, Flow, and Dance through LIFE! Currently, he dances with Sophie Olson Dance Explosion, Hart Pulse Dance Co., Collective Moment, Cheer Los Angles and Invertigo Dance Theatre.

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