Thoughts on "Waiting at Home for the Witches"

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Invertigo Blog, Los Angeles contemporary dance theater company

Laura here.  Invertigo is performing this summer - a dance prelude to Macbeth performed by the Independent Shakespeare Company.  Waiting at Home for the Witches is a trio of men.  You can read more about the piece here and find out how to come see the show here.

I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the piece.

This is my original index-card-brainstorm about it:

As you can see, there's a number of thoughts on vulnerability and surreal suspension in time, but really BEER is capitalised, bolded and double-underlined.

Here is something I wrote, in process for the piece:

More than anything, this piece is an examination of the act of waiting. There are many ways to wait.

Waiting can be about about missing someone, and that vulnerability which is often considered feminine.

Waiting can be a state of suspension in time combined with a fidgety, active state in space.

Waiting can be a quick pulse of adrenaline when you think you hear the keys in the door, and the drop in your belly when you realise there's no one there.

Waiting can mean freedom, because, well, she's not here and that pretty lady in the front row is.  And it's awful nice to drink beer with the guys.

Waiting can be a tipping point, an angry edge between staying and going, a decision about when enough is enough and it's time to give up, to walk away. How long will you wait up? Because the kids are in bed, the dinner is cold, the beer buzz is wearing off and she's still not home.

But waiting is ultimately an act of hope. She'll be home soon.

She'll be home soon. . .