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Laura Karlin, Artistic Director, Invertigo Dance Theatre

Hi friends, it's Laura.

I was interviewed by the lovely Jeff Slayton for

Here is the link to the interview:

Please do hop over and have a look.

I do want to mention that I love this quote from Jeff: "Her dancers are fearless as well as technically strong and able to fulfill Karlin’s artistic vision."

I am nothing without these gorgeous, generous, weird and wonderful dancers.  They bring so many layers into the rehearsal process and performances.  I feel lucky every day.  When I feel tired or un-motivated or lost, I have only to think of the talent and time that they are willing to share with me, and it pushes me to become a better artist.  As much as I hope to inspire them - kinetically, theatrically, emotionally - they inspire me right back x1,000,000.

So cheers to the dancers!

- - - -

See Laura's choreography and the dancers' magnificent performances at Reeling next week!

LOS ANGELES - October 9 - 11
Moss Theatre
SAN DIEGO - October 16 - 17
White Box Live Arts
SANTA BARBARA - November 7 - 8
New Vic Theater