Partner dance - Dancing Through Parkinson's class

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By Laura Karlin.

In Dancing Through PD class, we've been working on an across-the-floor salsa combo.  It's fun and people have been taking bigger and bigger strides.  Gone are the shuffling steps - people were moving across the room.

Today, we took it one step further, and put people in pairs.  Partners started on opposite sides of the room from one another and took salsa-steps toward each other, then when they reached their partner, we did some partner dancing.

I think we under-estimate the power of touch.  It's so powerful to laugh with someone when you both mess up, to make eye-contact as you spin in a circle, to hold someone's hands.  It's something I love about our classes - they give people the opportunity to find touch and eye contact in a very positive context.

Also, we get to play some really fabulous music:

Celia Cruz: Rie y Llora

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