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Invertigo Blog, Los Angeles contemporary dance theater company

Well, here we on our new Invertigo blog!  I'm very excited.  We'll be blogging about our experiences as a Los Angeles dance company, as well as posting lots of photos and some videos along way.

I'm Laura Karlin, the artistic director of the company.  I'll be doing a bit of the blogging, and other company members and staff will be jumping in too.

This is some of what we do:

I founded Invertigo in 2007.  It began around a kitchen table and in a dance studio, sketched out on pages of dreamy possibilities.  Since then, it's taken root and now we employ between 8 and 12 dancers, perform all over LA and have a couple really cool outreach programs.

These are some of the dancers dancing (Sadie, Louie, Irene and David, to be exact):

This is Elke, doing a port-de-bra in our Dancing Through Parkinson's class.

These are some super cool students in our Invert/ED education program, when Cody and I were teaching at Bancroft Middle School in Hollywood.

Much more to come.  We'll introduce you to all the folks, from our dancers to the photographers to the costume designers to the dance studio owners to the fabulous artists in our community.

In the meantime, drop a line to laura [at] invertigodance [dot] org if you want to get in touch.