Anakaren Silva

Anakaren Silva is a Mexican artist from Monterrey, Nuevo León primarily working with photography and moving images, who recently graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a dual BFA in Film / Video and Photography and Media. An overarching theme in her art practice has been language and how it facilitates or influences specific modes of thinking because of their history, grammatical structures and phonetics. Themes like collective memory, pop culture, and childhood are also often underlying themes in her art. At the root of her art practice, an element of community and teaching nurtures every idea that she harbors, as they are the values she considers most in line with her dreams for art communities. Anakaren strongly believes in the capacity of an arts education to build new and meaningful relationships that nurture our energies and spaces. Her dream is to build a community studio/exhibition space where processes are influenced by others in close proximity and resources are shared. She has recently focused on documenting behind the scenes and still photography in video productions, as well as practicing the art of tattooing for a living. 

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