Jeannette Bland

Jeannette believes that the inherent curiosity of life that each person holds dear can be satisfied and amplified with the help of mentors, experiences, and keen outlets of expression. From a bassoonist with the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra at age 9, later playing jazz under the tutelage of Sri Turiasangitananda, coordinating Artists-in-Residence programs between the Washington State Department of Corrections and the Washington State Arts Commission, to composing a chamber piece, she finds harmony and beauty in the spaces between the obvious. She currently is CEO and Founder of Gaia Knowledge Institute, an organization dedicated to overlooked and underrepresented people telling their own stories by connecting intersections of cultures and histories.
Her academic background is in the arts and arts education–BAs in cultural anthropology and sociology (Western Washington University), graduate work in ethnomusicology, education, physics (University of Washington), and a doctorate in archetypal depth psychology and mythological studies (Pacifica Graduate Institute). Jeannette is an independent student of Talmudic thought, logic, and humor (Jerusalem, Tzfat, Austin, Los Angeles, Sado-ga Shima).

Jeannette grew up surrounded in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest of the United States, achieving levels of initiations from Teachers to whom she bows with every breath when developing ceremony, teaching ritual methodologies, or listening to the still, small inner whispers of the heart. She publishes journals (Awakening! Journal of Encouragement/, creates ketubot and other calligraphy pieces in multiple languages and designs ritual objects and tools.

Her personal philosophy is based on achieving the dynamic knowledge, understanding, and wisdoms of a balanced life paired with attentive appreciation of everyday experiences with ease and kindness.