William Clayton

William Clayton is originally from Moreno Valley California. He grew up performing with color guard teams which led him to pursue a career as a performer. This passion took him to Los Angeles where he received his BFA in Dance Theatre from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2016. Upon graduation he worked as a freelance dancer in LA, working between commercial gigs, musical theater shows, and contemporary company work. Some highlights include performing with Ezralow Dance, Brockus RED, and as an original member of Invertigo Dance Theater’s Formulae and Fairytale. In 2018 he moved to Denver, to work with the dance company Wonderbound, where he performed for three years. He is currently on track to receive his MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Wilson College in May 2023. He is grateful to be returning to Invertigo and this iteration of F&F, since last performing in 5 years ago. Special thanks to his family for supporting his journey and to all those who have believed in him over the years.

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