Custom-made dance created for your loved ones.

Invertigo Dance Theatre wants to show up for you and yours. 2020 has forced us to think out of the box and reimagine how we can engage with our community. Now we want to push that idea further and offer creative ways in which our community can engage with their loved ones during our period of social distancing. 

Presenting Invertigo Care Packages

Care Packages are great for any occasion because these packages are tailored by you. In essence, you are the source of inspiration, the launching pad for the creation of an Invertigo dance! An Invertigo dancer will be shaping their movements to your expression, making each Care Package unique to your recipient.

To donate to Digital Dance Care Package artists, please click here.

“I sent my Mom one of these, and she cried. If you need a unique gift for another occasion, Invertigo’s care packages come highly recommended from me.”
—Angela B.

“This is a beautiful way to remind people you care about them. I’m moved by this concept of gifting a dance to support the arts and artists.”
— Valerie I.

“Wow, now that is an incredible expression of friendship! We’ve never had a personally commissioned dance made for us. ‘Thank you’ hardly seems like enough.”
— Mark B.

What’s in the care package?

  • An original dance solo created for you by an Invertigo dancer, based on prompts you supply.  This is a one-of-a-kind gift, made for you and yours, by us.
  • A customized gallery of vibrant dance photography
  • A gallery of exclusive video excerpts of Invertigo performances and dance films – they’re joyful, funny, tender, hopeful…
  • A beautiful card with your personalized message on it

A package will be sent to your chosen person, and we’ll send a copy to you as well.


A suggested donation of $30 per Care Package will go towards paying our dancers. A $50 donation goes to the dancers and will also support Invertigo’s community and artistic programs to help keep our company afloat during this time when gathering with our audiences is not possible. Anyone who is able and willing is welcomed to give more than $50 to keep Invertigo dancing! Thank you.

You can make your donation here.

Then fill out this form to begin the process of developing an Invertigo Care Package for you.


What is the turnaround time for care packages?

We will do our best to get care packages put together and sent out as quickly as possible.  Packages will arrive in approx. seven business days from your order, which gives our artists time to create your customised solo and our staff time to edit video and put together your package.


How long is the customized solo?

Solos will vary in length but will average 3 minutes.


Can I request a specific dancer/song/location for my customized solo?

We will curate the artistic experience for you based on your written prompts, so Artistic Director Laura Karlin will select the dancer and work with them on the choreography and music selection.  Some dancers have access to outdoor locations, and some are only filming safely from within their homes.  It’s a gorgeous grab-bag of artistry!