Custom-made dance created for your loved ones.

We hope these videos and photos bring a smile to your face. Connecting with others through art is an embrace to the heart and a new lens for the world. The works are curated for you to enjoy, and sent to you with love.


Rearranging the Plant, excerpt from Interior Design (2017)
For anyone in quarantine with your significant other, have you resorted to arguing over house plants yet?!?

Mine (dance film, 2015)
We shot this dance film in an abandoned mine in the Mojave Desert.  It is a tribute to shared strength.

Procession, à la Pina Bausch (2018)
A dance film with our Dancing Through Parkinson’s dancers, shot in Santa Monica.  A moment of delight and grace in the face of a challenging diagnosis.

Crane Dance
Our 2019 dance film with our Dancing Through Parkinson’s dancers, with heartening poetry and graceful bird-like movement. Look for the final pose, where the dancers create the shape of an origami crane, characterizing the strength of its elegant wings. This video is one of 148 international commissions by the Crane Dance Project of the 2019 World Parkinson Congress held in Kyoto Japan.  It captured the spirit of the Japanese legend of a crane’s good fortune and longevity.  (Poem by our Board Member and DTP performer, Francine Ringold!)

Starry Eyed and Sleepless
From our 2019 commission by the Music Center.  Disco, dreams and drama.

War of the Roses (2017)
A live performance from our annual partnership with the Independent Shakespeare Co., inspired by Shakespeare’s play, Richard III.  A couple faces off in a duet that draws its movement from love and political maneuvering in equal measure.  Includes the unforgivable destruction of four dozen red roses.

Please Turn Off Your Cell Phones, excerpt from Reeling (2015)
We’re all connected by phones right now, so why not dance it?

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