Invertigo thrives and survives on a web of generosity.

Your donation will support dance and cultural programming for THOUSANDS of people each year.

Together, we can ignite the spark of dance in communities, audiences, schools, and community centers that may not otherwise have access to the magic of the arts! The arts hold the power to inspire, transform, and connect us, and dance in particular transcends language and communicates emotions that words often struggle to capture. Movement fosters creativity, builds confidence, and cultivates a sense of unity, and we invite YOU to join us in manifesting our mission.

As a non-profit public benefit corporation, Invertigo Dance Theatre thrives on the synergy of public and private grants, as well as the boundless generosity of individuals like yourself. And here’s the thrilling part – your contribution is fully tax deductible!

Founding Artistic Director Laura Karlin teaches a pre-show community workshop for Independent Shakespeare Company!


Thank you for supporting our thought provoking dance theatre performances and happenings! We’re honored to have your trust and support.


Perhaps you recently took a class – or learned about our longest-standing community engagement program! Either way, we’re honored that you are excited to invest in our DTP program.



If you prefer to donate by check, we are happy to provide an address upon request. Please email [email protected] for details.

Check out these Supporter spotlight stories!

Jeanie McNamara

as told by Rachel Whiting
Jeanie McNamara has become a good friend and someone I greatly admire. Our first meeting was in the Dancing Through Parkinson’s class at the Electric Lodge in Venice. Each week she brings a ‘let’s do it’ enthusiasm to class, greeting teachers and participants with a friendly smile and a compassionate ear for conversation. With extensive ballet training, Jeanie moves with grace and discipline, and shares that passion in her expressive movements.

Jeanie is an integral part of the DTP’s family. Supported by her own loving and active family, her musician son Mike Mac composed two original scores used in a video performance choreographed by Jeanie, which premiered at the 2019 Parkinson’s Congress in Kyoto Japan. Her husband Robert participates in local PD workshops, and the whole family including her other son Tom, are eager audience members at every DTP and Invertigo Dance Theatre performance. On a personal note, Jeanie and I have had deep conversations about family, dance, visibility and agency. She is someone I trust to share moments of hardship and has become a collaborator in creative projects. DTP continues to thrive because of Jeanie’s devoted financial support, her loyal friendship, and love of dance.

Barbara Eve Harris

as told by Laura Karlin

We met Barbara when she came to see After It Happened in 2014.  In the final section, dancer Chris Smith took a flying leap and landed on Jessica Dunn’s shoulder.  From the audience came a joyful whoop and after the show, we met its source.  Barbara has been a beautiful part of the Invertigo fam ever since – her enthusiasm at performances has extended to buying tickets for large groups of her friends, as well as supporting us with donations and kind words.

Anonymous Donor, $50

as told by Laura Karlin

In 2011, we held our fundraising event.  People mixed and mingled, and in the middle of the evening, Invertigo performed.  At the end of the night, I was at the Donation Station going over things with our volunteer who had worked there that night.  She handed me an envelope and said, “He didn’t leave his name, but he gave us $50 after the performance and said he didn’t have a lot to give, but it was his pot money, and he wanted to support the company.”  We’ve had this envelope on the wall of every office ever since.  Partly, it makes us laugh.  But also… it was a genuine expression of appreciation for what we do and a donation that was financially meaningful to the person giving it.  That means a lot.

Keep Invertigo Dancing

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