Dreams of Grandeur @ Grand Park

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About the Event: 

We are so pleased to be part of the Dance at Grand Park series!



With 10 dancers and 4 musicians, Invertigo is taking over Grand Park during the lunch hour. Dreams of Grandeur begins at the top of the park, and cascades down toward City Hall. Dancers slowly waltz on stairways, steal apples from innocent bystanders, frolick in the fountain and create a Mad Hatter's Banquet at a long table.

We've created a playful dance that transforms the area from a series of untouchable or transient spaces into a richly interactive experience. We will be shaking up people’s routines by injecting magic into the space.

Our piece is about 40(ish) minutes long.  We'll begin the first performance at noon, and the second performance at 12:50.  Check our Facebook page or Twitter feed - we'll be live-posting where we are in the park!

Check out Getting Here + Parking Info on the Grand Park website

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