McCallum Theatre Choreography Festival

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McCallum Choreography Festival, Invertigo
  • Saturday, November 12 @ 7pm
    McCallum Theatre
    73000 Fred Waring Drive
    Palm Desert, CA 92260
About the Event: 

We are thrilled to announce that Mine is the Grand Prize Winner of the McCallum Theatre Choreography Festiva!

What a gorgeous and generously kind reaction from the audience. A bit stunned and so happy to say that we won the grand prize of the McCallum Theatre Choreography Festival.

I apparently made a completely ridiculous face when we were announced, as I was standing in the back row, quite happily admiring the choreographers with whom I was sharing the stage. I'm genuinely moved by the sweeping honesty, depth, intricacy and beauty that they all created.

It is enough for me to share this work with the world, to show an equal partnership, to allow for vulnerability and to celebrate shared strength, to show both male and female softness and strength.

Jessica and Malachi, i am heart-full of you! Special love to Chris Stokes for lighting goodness!

Anyways, I'm completely blown away and in a year full of loss, a week full of heaviness, this is a sign to not quit, to keep sharing, to keep creating.

- - - -

Invertigo is thrilled to be a finalist in the McCallum Theatre's prestigeous Choreography Festival in Palm Desert!  We will be performing "Mine," a duet first performed for a dance film in the Mojave Desert.  The piece is rooted in shared strength - two people who know one another deeply but continue to find new layers. They relate to one another without predefined gender roles - both dancers lift one another in virtuosic and inventive ways, and their interactions include quirky, personal moments.

- - - -

Choreography by both emerging and established dancemakers take center stage in McCallum’s popular festival, now in its 19th year. Exciting original dances in a number of styles are performed by companies from across the nation with winners announced at the conclusion of each performance. Highlighting dance as an art form, this event always delivers an interesting mix of work by inventive artists.

Performing Companies:

Laura Karlin/Invertigo Dance Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)
Ting-Ting Chang/T.T.C. Dance (Taiwan)
Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY (Canada)
Nicole Haskins/Smuin Ballet (San Francisco, CA)
Mariana Oliveira/The Union Project Dance Company (Los Angeles, CA)
Angela Dice Nguyen/The MoveMessenger(s) (San Francisco, CA)
Seda Aybay/Kybele Dance Theater (Los Angeles, CA)
Jamie Carbetta Hammond/Pony Box Dance Theatre (Long Beach, CA)
Melissa Barak/Barak Ballet (Santa Monica, CA)
Will Johnston & Marissa Osato/Entity Contemporary Dance (Los Angeles, CA)