Other Current Works

Let us turn your world into a dreamscape.

Feeling site-specific? Got a cool space? Ready for a post-pandemic celebration? Invite us in – we’re weird and wonderful guests with several pop-up, at-the-ready shows for a variety of venues.

Dreams of Grandeur

Invertigo artists infuse a space with vibrance and virtuosity. Stories unfold, turning any venue into a dreamscape. Audience members are given new perspectives, of both the space and themselves. Site-responsive and open to many types of spaces. Depending on the commission, run time is 15-65 minutes.

Past Presenters: Grand Park, Descanso Gardens, Studio Hyphen/The Venetian Las Vegas, Walt Disney Concert Hall/Blue Ribbon Commission, private venues including celebrity parties.

Starry-Eyed & Sleepless

A pop-up, immersive experience, adaptable to many types of spaces. Inspired by the disco dance halls of the 70s that represented a sanctuary for folx on the fringe. Invertigo embodies lush decadence, queer celebration, gritty underbelly and starry-eyed disco dreams. A sea of miniature disco balls, an alleyway tryste, a diva’s fall from grace. Depending on the commission, 20 minutes to a full evening of pop-up experiences.

Past Presenters: Music Center, Sowden House, private venues.