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With each repertory show, Invertigo offers culturally dynamic, socially responsive engagement programming to connect audiences to the complex, far-reaching themes central to our work.

One to three-week residencies provide a range of interactive, thought-provoking formats allowing learning and creative communities or the general public to expand their thinking, dialogue or movement in response to our shows.

From traditional classroom dialogues to inventive dance theatre workshops, innovative panels and lectures to intimate theme-based salons with the dancers, Invertigo has the right combination for your community.

Booking Formulae & Fairy Tales? Choose from this rich menu of options to create the combination that best matches your community.

Don’t see exactly what you want? Email our Creative Engagement Director at [email protected] to strategize about unique themes and formats.

If you know everything or nothing about Alan Turing, computer science, queer activism and LGBTQIA+ histories, dance as a social practice, everyone will have a place in this exploration.

Dance Theatre Workshops

All workshops offer a combination of dance/movement, narrative methodologies, and socio-cultural inquiry. Different choreographic engagements with social themes can be created.


Venue: Dance studio, community room or theater space.
Duration: 1 – 3 hours per workshop


1) Transformation through Fairy Tales, Symbolism & Storytelling
Transformation through Fairy Tales, Symbolism, and Storytelling Engaging directly with objects and narrative sequences, participants explore movement practices that invert and transform symbols and stories into worlds with new meaning.


2) The Invertigo Inversion Technique: Gender Play & Inventive Partnering
The Invertigo Inversion Technique: Gender Role Play Drawing upon choreography from Formulae & Fairy Tales, participants will play with re-socializing gender through unlikely pairings, unexpected movements, and symbols that are inverted to upend how we embody gender.


3) Machines, Math & the Body Politic
Machines, Math, & the Body Politic With Alan Turing’s question at the center of this workshop, participants will experiment with the borders and possibilities between machine and human. Choreographic prompts will generate a sequence of outputs and equations, and participants will collaborate in creating a movement tableaux of the body politic.

Panels, Lectures, Public Dialogues

Interactive discussion formats tailored to your community interests in the themes in Formulae & Fairy Tales.

Venue: Lecture halls, auditoriums or theaters.
Duration: 30 mins – 2 hours


1) STEAM: Storytelling Through Movement at the Intersection of Arts + Science
2) Alan Turing, the Turing Test & LGBTQ Heroism
3) Binary Codes: From Machines to the Gender Revolution


Small-scale, intimate opportunities for community dialogue through lively, inventive prompts and activities for postshow engagement or afternoon campus activity.


Venue: Lobbies, theaters, community rooms.
Duration: 30 mins – 1.5 hours


1) Data, Dance & Donuts
2) Apples, Engineering & Artificial Intelligence
3) Storytelling & Movement: An Elixir for our Times


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