A regenerative community gathering at the park, featuring Indigenous artists, live performance, films, environmental justice talks, and more…

Celebrate the solstice with us! 

SOL is a multidisciplinary storytelling initiative that illuminates local environmental justice issues via a community gathering, art share, and discussion. Initiated in 2021 by Invertigo’s then Community Engagement Manager – and now Curator! – Rosa Lisbeth Navarette, SOL explores our relationship to identity, ancestry, and the local lands we inhabit by creating accessible avenues of understanding through dance, film, and poetry.

SOL invites the public to reimagine their relationship with nature by uplifting Indigenous and Latinx/e artists and environmental activists and artists whose work responds to current environmental issues, public land stewardship, and the symbiotic relationship between the human body, the Earth, and our shifting climate. 

Join us on Saturday, June 24, 2023!


Join us at the Baldwin Hills & Urban Watersheds Conservancy’s Stoneview Nature Center for a day of family-friendly, inspiring conversations, art-making, and sharing. Yes, there will be food trucks!

This project was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. SOL 2023 is also made possible in part by the City of Culver City and its Cultural Affairs Commission, with support from Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Culver City Arts Foundation.

“SOL rhymes with soul and carries the sun in its meaning. This program began with a desire to celebrate dance, nature, and summer. since its inception in 2021, SOL has grown to highlight environmental justice needs through art integration.”

– Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete, SOL Curator

SOL Artists ~ 2023

Rosa Lisabeth Navarrete, SOL Curator

Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete (she/her) is a Peruvian immigrant, writer, director & performer raised in Los Angeles. She’s a graduate of University of California, Berkeley’s English/Creative Writing program & a 2021 Justice for My Sister BIPOC Sci-Fi Screenwriting fellow. Rosa loves to tell fantastical stories about womxn, children & underdogs. She’s a writer/director on “The Train” an independent series developed with Showrunner Yelyna De Leon & Casa 0101 Theater (LA Skins Festival 2021), & a co-creator on “A’we Deh Ya” a film by Paloma McGregor (Best Screendance Film, Denton Black Film Festival 2022). Rosa is currently the Operations Manager at Justice for My Sister. |

“SOL has given me a space to talk about and celebrate the beautiful Indigenous communities living in our city. I love that we are able to invite the community to inquire and deeply think about the lands we inhabit, stolen land that should be respected, and protected.”

Rio Oxas

Río Oxas (they/them) is of Nahuat-Pipil and Mayan ancestry born & raised in Tongva lands (Los Angeles). Río is a nonbinary-queer, national speaker, an educator, realtor and consultant for equity and racial justice. They co-envisioned RAHOK, a family-owned business that illuminates the interdependence of Race, Ancestors, Health, Outdoors and Knowledge to cultivate loving Eco-Hoods. RAHOK centers and uplifts the work of people, tribes, and communities who center all life on earth.

Javi Pulpolibri

Javi Pulpolibri is a nature surrealist and multimedia artist based in Los Angeles. Their eye for nature wraps the subject around the vivid colors from the environment. Portfolio to date includes residency @ Ek valley; curator pop ups at both of their locations. Money florist, Live painting for various events, muralist, vendor at multiple pop ups. As well as  photography in fashion shows, festivals, show premiers, weddings, graduation photos, and more.

Jennifer Sanchez of Danza Divina de Los Angeles

Jennifer Sanchez is a Los Angeles-based artist, danzante, choreographer, director and producer who began studying and performing at 9 years old – traditional Danza Azteca with renown Danza General, Lazaro Arvizu. As a student of Arvizu and a member of his group, Xipe Totec, Sanchez performed all over the Southwest. Later Sanchez collaborated with maestro Xavier Quijas Yxyoatl on various presentations and performances, including a music accompaniment for Greek composer Yanni. Jeniffer operates at the intersection of performance art, multimedia theatre and Mesoamerican dance tradition. She began theatrical performance in 1994 with the political satire group “Mal Ojo” and members of Chicano Secret Service comedy troupe, and since then has been commissioned to create Aztec Dance Performances for the Alaska Native Heritage Center, Hollywood Forever and Culture Clash. 

Sanchez’s current project is Danza Divina de Los Angeles, a Danza Azteca troop based at Plaza de la Raza. Thanks to a grant from Eastside Arts Initiative & support of Plaza de la Raza, Jeniffer recently produced & directed a multimedia Danza performance celebrating Mexica New Year called LA Ofrenda at the Margo Albert Theater.



Lauren Ballesteros
Actor, Spoken Word Artist, Filmmaker
Guest Artist 2021

Alexandria Bingham
Co-Host/Guest Speaker 2022

Carolina Hoyos
Actor, Musician
Guest Artist 2022

Laura Karlin
Invertigo’s Artistic Director
Co-Host, Speaker 2021, 2022

Río Oxas
Co-Founder of Rahok
Guest Artist 2021, 2022

Doreen Sanchez
Dancer, Filmmaker
Guest Artist 2021, 2022

Heidi Buehler, Hyosun Choi, Jessica Dunn
Raymond Ejiofor, Corina Kinnear, Nadia Maryam
Invertigo Company Members
Performers, 2021, 2022

Explore past SOL events:

A’we deh ya (All of us are here)

In a Crucian sugar cane field, three Black women converge, dancing through an inherited liberation code.

Join us this year to see the film on the big screen!


Cal Humanities

The City of Culver City

Baldwin Hills & Urban Watersheds Conservancy

LA County Parks