The pulse of Invertigo Dance Theatre is set to social impact.

Founded in 2007 by Artistic Director Laura Karlin, Invertigo has consistently created riveting dance theatre and public programming that weaves vital, complex cultural themes with movement-driven storytelling. With humor, depth and whimsical flare, Karlin and company develop artistic works born from a call and response to community, site specificity, and social realities.

The metronome of our mission calls out beats of access, inclusion and equity.


Invertigo focuses on building community partnerships and engagement based on co-creation.

Our work is a conversation, an exchange.
Not a form of outreach.

  • When Dancing Through Parkinson’s creates a dance video or a poetry project with movement, a collective, organic process shapes what we make and offer to the public. 
  • With our Invert/ED program, the youth dance with their teachers — not to them or for them — and the youth create group dance pieces based on their own life stories and world views.


We create programs that are intrinsically inclusive and accessible to communities across cultural lines, from the under-resourced to the land of plenty.

makers and doers, thinkers and feelers,
skeptics and dreamers



We build authentic relationships within the setting of any community we engage — whether a long-term weekly class with local youth, a public dialogue with the LGBTQ community for Pride, or a one-time workshop with local citizens who see an Invertigo show on tour in their state.


With a spirit of cultural inquiry and community interactivity, Invertigo’s staff and teaching artists cultivate public programs and civic engagement for youth and elders, students and teachers, dancers and non-dancers, leaders and followers, makers and doers, thinkers and feelers, skeptics and dreamers.


Regardless of where you come from in life, we will dance with you until dance turns the rhythm — from downtrodden to uplifted, doubtful to inspired, unsure to ALL IN!

Be a part of the impact

Your ideas, partnership, and donations all make a tangible, trackable difference.