Walk the Walk 3.0 coming soon!

Walk the Walk coming this Fall!

Calling trans, gnc, nonbinary, intersex communities for PRIDE MONTH! Join us for a dynamic deep dive at the next virtual Walk the Walk community theatre workshop series. What is your daily walk? Co-create, build community, tell your story, make some magic, dance it out! No experience required to participate. Be on the lookout for our upcoming Fall dates!

“It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist.”



A Brave, Explorative Space for Trans, Nonbinary, GNC & Intersex Communities!

After Walk the Walk’s transformative first workshop on Transgender Day of Visibility, we invite you to join us for the second round of workshops for pride month! Bring your voice, your stories, art, struggles, victories and join us for some playful yet deep collaboration and community space on Zoom.

Wednesdays June 23rd & 30th

This project is made possible by The City of West Hollywood.

. Storytelling . Movement . Community Collaboration .


  • Apply for a spot in our next Walk the Walk workshops
  • Workshop Schedule: TBD
  • BIPOC folks, disabled communities, & elders encouraged to apply (18 and up) 
  • Application details for the Fall coming soon!

“Who was I now—woman or man? That question could never be answered as long as those were the only choices; it could never be answered if it had to be asked.”




Walk the Walk is Invertigo’s newest dance theatre project with a twist. A trans twist.

A series of explorative workshops throughout 2021 invites participants into a lively, interdisciplinary space of making and community-building for trans, nonbinary, gendernonconforming and intersex communities.

At the core of this project is the question: what is your daily walk as trans, nonbinary, gendernonconforming and/or intersex person in this world? What do you feel emotionally and in your body when you walk out your door? What do you face as you walk down the street? What do you hope to manifest, in public and private? What is your strut? What shadows or burdens might you hold? What lineages might you carry? Who and what do you channel for resilience and pride?

Conceived by Lead Artist K. Bradford (Creative Engagement Director of Invertigo), Walk the Walk was created as a brave, imaginative space where trans, gnc, nonbinary and intersex folks can come together as co-creators in weaving a collective story of our powerful yet vulnerbale daily walks through the world. As the spotlight of visibility has started to turn toward — and upon — us, it feels extra important to connect in and cultivate non-cis space to share stories, real talk, and creative vision.



Walk the Walk 2.0 invites you to join us for the month of pride in two community theatre workshops celebrating and channeling gender expansion.

Wednesday June 23rd & June 30th, 6-8p/PST. On Zoom.

An interactive, interdisciplinary workshop process filled with: Real talk. Storytelling. Queer dancing. Creative collaboration. Community building. Movement tapped from your daily life. Room to be yourself. Space to meet new folks. A chance to channel expression & art.


This two-part workshop series is facilitated by: 

  • Lead Artist K. Bradford (Creative Engagement Director)
  • Cody Brunelle-Potter (Dancer-in-Residence)
  • D.Hill (Guest Artist)

A brave & vulnerable space to fill up with joy, pride, and community!


Are you trans, gnc, nonbinary, and/or intersex and looking to connect and create within our community? Join us.

We’re excited for new participants to step into our workshop process. We seek a range of expressions, ideas, art forms & ways of being in community.

No dance or arts experience necessary.

BIPOC, disabled folks, and elders encouraged to apply.

If you want to be in community, share your stories, get real, have some fun, find ways to explore your creativity or bring your art into a collaborative space where the daily lives of trans / gnc / nonbinary / intersex are at the center — Walk the Walk is a place for you.


Walk the Walk is a series of workshops offered in March, June, and Fall 2021.

You can join us for one workshop, or join us for all of them. And if you stick with us, you can become a part of a collaborative cohort creating work in community collaboration.

Walk the Walk’s first workshop was held on March 31st for Transgender Day of Visibility. It was tender, playful, and deep — and reminded us how powerful it is to be in a space solely for and with our community.

The long-term goal is to create a rousing, light-shedding community theatre performance, presented at a main stage, that weaves and incorporates the voices, art, and interdisciplinary contributions of the Walk the Walk cohort within the vision of Invertigo’s artistic leadership.



We open this unique, creative community space at a time when trans and gendernonconforming communities have become more visible in media, legislation, cultural production and society at large. This spotlight brings resources, attention, awareness and more — and it also brings the harsh light of transphobia, and too often increased attacks on our communities, especially BOPIC transfemmes.

Conceived by Lead Artist K. Bradford (Creative Engagement Director of Invertigo), Walk the Walk was imagined as a community-based practice where the workshop participants are co-creators, and the future of the project is shaped by the collaborative synergy of community as we digest what this moment is for our communities.

K. Bradford
Lead Artist

Bradford is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and cultural innovator whose public practice has spawned projects and programs in Austin, Chicago and Los Angeles. Most recently, K. launched The Qosmos Projects – a post-drag performance spectacle and an LGBTQIA+ youth world-building series, Qumanity. This fall, Qumanity rolls out as an interdisciplinary art lab for LAUSD students in a new Virtual Enrichment Program. K. has taught at Antioch University, CalArts, and for eight years at Columbia College, where they were the head of the LGBTQ Office of Culture & Community. K. has directed and co-founded: Gender Fusions, a large-scale annual queer spectacle + cultural dialogue (Chicago), The Raw Works, a story and performance program for low-income and homeless LGBTQIA youth (Chicago), It’s a She-Shoot a film and story program for women and girls (Austin) and One Mile, an arts + social justice program that poetically re-imagines the challenges of our times through immersive public art installations (Los Angeles). K. has performed across the U.S., and their writing has appeared in publications such as the LA Review of Books, Viralnet.net, Gulf Coast, Trop and more. K. has received scholarships from the Fulbright Foundation, Tin House Writers Workshop, Bread Loaf Writers Conference, and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Hailing from New England originally, K. holds an MFA in Writing and in Art + Technology from CalArts.

Cody Brunelle-Potter
Resident Company Dancer

Cody is a non-binary dance artist currently performing and creating in Los Angeles. They began their dance and performance career in NYC, where they were a dancer and Assistant Director for In-Sight Dance Company, a nonprofit service organization based in Queens. Since moving to Los Angeles, they have had the pleasure of working with many local companies and choreographers in the concert dance world which include Invertigo Dance Theater, WhyteBerg, Mollie Wolf, Luke Zender, Heidi Duckler, Iris Company, Acts of Matter, FABE and Rosanna Gamson World Wide.

They have also worked in the commercial dance world with Teresa (Toogie) Barcelo, William Ylvisaker, Ashley (ROBI) Robicheaux, Matty Peacock and Amy O’Neal. They have performed in work for artists like Reggie Watts, Billie Eilish, FYOHNA, Ben De La Creme, Jinx Monsoon and more.

Cody’s personal work explores the boundaries of being wild and delicate while balancing the honesty of the emotional impetus for each movement. They are interested fiber sculpture as well and are working to incorporate moving fibers sculptures into their work. They have partnered with Fiber Artist Mimi Haddon on many occasions and lead workshops in using fiber sculpture partnered with movement to explore how we can understand ourselves better as emotional beings through the putting on and use of costume.

D. Hill
Guest Artist

D.Hill is a west coast artist who works in photography, performance and video art. His work purposefully sets up a framework for conversations dealing with race, gender, class and sexuality. Hill looks at how socialization and statuses impact our intra/inter-personal experiences. Many of his works explore or inject post-constructionist practices to how image-construction is digested in contemporary spaces. His photographs, videos and performances challenge our stagnant positions of linguistics/meaning in regard to experience. This is what makes his work impactful and infused with antithetical moments.

Production Associate

Sasha (princess, her royal highness) is an actress, content creator and producer. She began her acting career in Panama City, Panama, filming commercials before moving to Los Angeles to further train her craft at New York Film Academy which led her to produce and star in her very own YouTube channel. Sasha finds lots of spiritual (and fashion!) inspiration in the late Lady Diana, Princes of Wales specially the way she led with her heart and humility. Sasha channels her Princess Diana as the foundation in the relationship with her audience: Spanish speaking strangers from many parts of the world that express gratitude over starting their transition journey because of her content. And with those comments they support Sasha as they are her biggest source of inspiration in the creative process.

In addition to Youtube, her royal highness is currently working on branching out and extending her content in the form of a podcast, a different avenue in which her audience can find a trans voice that has been generationally silenced and repressed, now thrives in the arms of her community.




Want to Partner?

Be a part of the creation. Apply for our June 23rd & 30th workshops.
Questions? Please email Lead Artist, K. Bradford at [email protected].