In the studio, on the screen, in a classroom, on a stage, at the kitchen table: we’ll meet you there.

Our most dynamic, meaningful collaborative projects have started with a seed. An idea. A question. One email. One introduction. One moment.

Do you have a starter seed to plant with us?

Scroll down to meet a few of our collaborators. If our co-made projects ring true for you, throw us a line. Email us, call us, come meet us.

Nightlight Labs

NightLight Labs is an interactive media company specializing in technology-driven storytelling. They were the visionaries behind the set and video projection design for Formulae & Fairy Tales. The company is focused on the conception and development of new experiences, immersive performances, and interactive products. NightLight’s creative endeavors span across multiple modes of interactivity including AR/VR, projection mapping, location and application based performance, and content creation. NightLight Labs has collaborated with many companies and organizations including Porsche, Los Angeles Zoo, Mousetrappe, the Human Rights Foundation, TheWave VR, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NightLight has also collaborated with musician, Andrew Bird, visual artist, Doug Aitken, and their original AR project, The Dial, was featured at 2019’s Sundance Film Festival. NightLight Labs was founded by Jesse Garrison, Trey Gilmore, and Sal Mannino.

American Youth Symphony

In the last few years, Invertigo and American Youth Symphony (AYS) have teamed up for a lively annual collaboration. As part of their Community Chamber Series, the AYS string quartet visits Dancing Through Parkinson’s to play music for a special dance class with choreography curated to the AYS score for the day. Before the pandemic hit, AYS and Invertigo were kicking off a new collaboration with an intergenerational dance-music piece in the works — staged to be performed at The Broad Stage in April of 2020 for the inaugural year of Los Angeles International Dance Festival. We have originally composed music and a dance piece waiting in the wings for the time when we can return to the joys of live performance!  AYS is helmed by Invertigo alum, our first Executive Director, Tara Aesquivel, whose vision and strategic brilliance are a gift wherever she lands.


StirStudios created Invertigo’s original logo, and has collaborated on countless dance film and videography projects.  Husband and wife Glyn Gray and Anh Dillon, are a dream team of design, artistry and tech savvy.  They are both dancers, so their design and videographic sensibilities are beautifully attuned to the unique considerations that dance presents.  They also run DancePlug, the global dance network and hub designed for dancers of all backgrounds and focuses.

George Simian

George Simian has collaborated with Invertigo on studio shoots, site specific shoots, and event and performance photography.  George is a Los-Angeles-based advertising photographer, with over 30 years’ experience.  A life-long advocate for photographers’ rights, he has served on both the national and the LA board of directors of the American Photographic Artists, and currently leads the Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group.  George is also a photography educator who has taught at UCLA Extension, Samy’s Camera, and one-on-one. Every summer, he leads travel photography workshops in Bali, Indonesia.  Over the past 10 years, his focus has shifted to capturing dancers in motion. He has worked for Diavolo, Versa-Style, San Pedro Ballet, Jazz Antiqua, Psychopomp, and Invertigo Dance Theatre.  Connect with George Simian here.

At its core, Invertigo is a collaborative company.

At every level — teaching, dancing, choreography, community programming — we come to the table with collaborators to co-make, from the ground up, from start to finish, and always for the joy and meaning of the process. As Artistic Director Laura Karlin says, we are about the process more than the product. And nothing speaks more to the truth of collaboration than valuing the power and necessity of process.