House Lights Up


Choreographed by:
Laura Karlin and Jonathan Bryant, in collaboration with the dancers

Danced by:
Jonathan Bryant, Heidi Buehler, Hyosun Choi, Jessica Dunn, Christian Farjado, Beau Foley, Corina Kinnear, Sofia Klass, Irene Kleinbauer, Chris Smith

Costume Design:
Rosalida Medina

Audience etiquette is flipped inside-out as the unexpected becomes the norm; dancers perform in the seats of a theatre whilst the audience stands in the orchestra pit or on the stage, navigating the line between spectator and spectacle.

“Kinetic, highly athletic and beautifully crafted.” – See Dance
“Poetic flights of fancy . . . a whimsical display of turning torsos, lyrical lifts and statuesque stances.” – LA Times

Run time:
18 minutes

Commissioned and Presented by:
Music Center: 2016 for their Moves After Dark programa

Video Trailer:
Click here.

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