Rachel Whiting

Rachel Whiting is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, educator, and practitioner of healing arts who attended the Juilliard School and completed her Bachelor’s degree of The Performing Arts graduating Cum Laude at St. Mary’s College of California. Rachel has been on the faculty of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and performed with the Cunningham Repertory Understudy Group. She was an Artist in Residence for Denver School of the Arts and contributed to the launch of Colorado’s first International Baccalaureate dance program. In California, Rachel taught at Oberlin Dance Collective/SF, as a master teacher of the Cunningham Technique at the College of Performing Arts in Hollywood, and as a Dancing Through Parkinson’s Teaching Artist with Invertigo Dance Theatre. Internationally, Rachel served as the Director of Dance at Oure Idraesthojoskole (Denmark); taught and performed extensively in the Nordic territories, including the prestigious Skanes Dansteater (Sweden); and performed in the Booking’s Beijing Olympic cultural exchange program in 2008. As a Choreographer, Rachel’s works have been commissioned by David Taylor Dance Theatre, Denver School of the Arts (Colorado), The Kitchen (New York), Contemporary Dance (Wyoming), Ny Musik Odense (Denmark), and at the College of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. As a Practitioner, Rachel is certified in the Pilates® and GyrotonicTM which she incorporates in treating a grateful and loyal private clientele with unique physical challenges. Rachel’s lifelong love of movement compels her to help others experiment with creativity, resolve pain and learn the discipline of a movement practice.

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