2009, 2015

Created by:
Laura Karlin, and choreographed in collaboration with the dancers

Cast (2019):
Chelsea Asman, Bahareh Ebrahimzadeh, F. Nicholas Factoran, SaraAnne Fahey, Jeremy Hahn, Jermaine F. Johnson, Jessica LeCheminant and Courtney Ozovek with live original music by Toby Karlin, Lucas Martinez and Najeeb Sabour

Cast (2015):
Jonathan Bryant, Heidi Buehler, Hyosun Choi, Louie Cornejo, Jessica Dunn, Sofia Klass, Irene Kleinbauer, Alex Malachi Middleton, Sadie Yarrington.

Costume Design:
Kate Bishop

Set Design:
Arad Vejani (2009), John Burton (2015)

A blend of dance, theatre, precisely choreographed tequila shots, jumping off a dive bar, opulent karaoke fantasies and a goldfish. Eight lonely-hearts search for connection through the hazy sea of a night out.

2015: Moss Theatre (Los Angeles), White Box (San Diego), New Vic (Santa Barbara)
2009: Odyssey Theatre

Photo Gallery:
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Video Trailer:
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