Arts & Neurology infusion

A speciality series integrating different dance forms into our classes taught by Guest Artists

Research and workshops… 

In 2022, Invertigo Dance Theatre was awarded a grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation to enhance learning and deepen core curriculum through the Arts and Neurology Infusion Initiative. DTP partnered with LA-based neurologists in an informative exchange focused on the latest medical research and movement therapies used to support those living with PD — and! — Invertigo welcomed four guest artists to teach genre-specific dance classes to our DTP community. 

Our invited multidisciplinary guest artists engaged participants with varying movement disciplines. From Salsa to Jazz, Tap to rhythmic drumming, each specialty workshop allowed for versatility and movement translation and enriched perspectives on culture and storytelling.  

Joaquin Gamboa, Partner Dancing

Joaquin Gamboa offered a lively how-to on rotating hips and complicated foot work through Salsa partnered dance.

Diana Wallace, Drumming & Singing

Diana Wallace shared her passion for drumming, singing and music making bringing in a multitude of hand drums, bells, shakers and chimes

Bernard Brown, Jazz

Bernard Brown gave a spirited Jazz workshop designed to explore Jazz Dance fundamentals, with a focus on history and the music in the Jazz genre

Glyn Gray, Tap

Glyn Gray’s fancy footwork filled the room with shuffles, heel stomps and the time step.

Thank you to our DTP Funders!


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Featured header Photography by Morgan Frank Lutz.

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