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Mask Policy

Updated March 2024

In an effort to retain a healthy, productive, and supported class environment, Invertigo Dance Theatre prioritizes the following safety practices inside of Dancing Through Parkinson’s (DTP) classes.

In light of the COVID pandemic, acknowledging the age of the population we serve, and individual participants’ comfortability and risk, maintaining a safe environment for our classes is a top priority. Because mask policies have dropped in many class settings across the country, we will be adopting a new mask policy on a trial basis. Please know that we welcome your input so reach out if you have feedback or requests as we all try out this new protocol.

Please be aware that the Invertigo Staff is keeping up to date on CDC and LA County regulation changes while keeping an eye on Covid spikes. The Mask Policy is subject to change in the interest of your safety and well-being. We are continuing to actively assess practices and will always welcome your feedback.

New Mask Optional Policy: DTP classes will be mask optional and abide by the following guidelines:

– Participants who choose to mask are given priority to stand in a designated area near the open doors for air flow and to be around other masked participants.

– DTP will continue to provide masks for participants.

Should there be a spike in COVID, participants will be notified if DTP makes the decision to return to fully masked classes.

– Masking judgment will
not be tolerated; each individual may choose to mask at their own discretion, no questions asked.

TA’s will regularly check in with class participants’ regarding masking. Any changes to this policy will be made in collaboration with the  DTP Program Manager and Programs Director
. The site teams will continue to let staff know when there is feedback from participants around masking.

Please be mindful of our DTP community and your own health. If you are experiencing symptoms of any kind and/or become sick, we encourage and expect you to stay home and take care of yourself.  Ideally, TAs support the DTP Manager in finding a sub, but if a TA is too sick to do so, the DTP Program Manager will step in to support. 

All in all, Invertigo Dance Theatre aims to uphold a safe, healthy environment for all, and we deeply appreciate your commitment to our mask policy and protocols.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss any feedback, please contact Cat, DTP Manager at [email protected]

Thank you to our DTP Funders!


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Featured header Photography by Morgan Frank Lutz.

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