Invertigo’s Executive Director on 2024 Transition

Invertigo’s Executive Director on 2024 Transition

The beautiful and difficult landscape of our world changes, yet through our work and our storytelling we liberate ourselves and one another to speak with courage and truth. 

This is the WHY and the heart of Invertigo Dance Theatre’s work. This is the reason that I was captured and inspired to accept the position of Executive Director this past October. 

The 16 years of dance work Laura Karlin has brought to the stage is steeped in humanity, connection, and the power of the physical theater to deliver us to our sensibilities, pain, follies, and triumphs. 

Invertigo’s unique and long-lasting commitment to this kind of storytelling is a force that I am excited to see take hold in new communities and audiences. To watch as Laura and our entire team move to reshape Invertigo’s future repertoire by juxtaposing a transitory moment for a founder and artistic director, to a creative evolution with artistic expansion is a bold next step. I am excited for the future of dance in Los Angeles as we build an Artistic Leadership Council that annually selects choreographers through a curatorial rubric, shared values from Invertigo’s foundation, and a multilateral consensus of vision. 

Invertigo’s Dancing Through Parkinson’s and Dancing Through Life are the kind of program offerings that shift how those dealing with Parkinson’s and the physical changes of aging can improve and thrive through movement, creativity, and shared practice. Watching as this program continues to lead in the field of movement therapy and age-related services for our whole community throughout Los Angeles is inspiring and timely. 

As we begin Invertigo’s 17th season, I am heartened by the continued commitment of Invertigo’s Board of Directors who are helping to shepherd this transition. On February 9th, they hosted our first-ever Giving Circle event, Fall in Love with Invertigo Dance Theatre. The newly formed Giving Circle body will work as Invertigo’s board liaisons, social ambassadors, and active purveyors of dance theatre. Through special events throughout the year, the Giving Circle will foster community connections and help engage with and bring the artistic work to life; seeding bright ideas in development, to the full fruition of high-caliber dance theatre performances on the stage. 

The WHY of this work inspires me each day as Invertigo moves into this next chapter of innovation and impact. Your interest in where we are headed and support of this new direction is important to us and I look forward to sharing more as we begin to make these gradual changes. This is an invitation, and a call and response, to continue the WHY of the work for another 17 years and beyond! Please reach out to me anytime and let’s connect. 

With gratitude, 
Cat Moses
Executive Director, Invertigo Dance Theatre

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