Joaquin Gamboa danced his way into our hearts!

Joaquin Gamboa danced his way into our hearts!

Dancing Through Parkinson’s (DTP)  has a wonderful guest artist this past December at our Electric Lodge, Venice location. His name is Joaquin Gamboa – who danced his way into the hearts of many in our DTP community. See what DTP Co-Founder, Linda Berghoff had to say about his work…


You could sense their excitement to try something new! I imagine people are practicing at home how to use their hips! A great time was had by all!”

What did Joaquin think about our DTP community? Read below!


Joaquin Gamboa, it’s been an absolute joy to have you in class with the DTP community. Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I was born in Mexico City and then relocated to the states when I was about 11, I started dancing in elementary school and haven’t stopped since then. Now I concentrate more in teaching instead of performing but always open to the experience if the opportunity arises.


Before Rachel Whiting (Dancing Through Parkinson’s Teacher) reached out to you, had you heard of Invertigo Dance Theatre or Dancing Through Parkinson’s before? 

Not really, but I’m a big dance film enthusiast and I had heard of the film Capturing Grace which focuses on a similar group that dances with Parkinson’s, so I knew there were communities like yours. 


What was the process of getting trained to teach for DTP like for you? Did you learn anything new? Did it reinforce something you already have in your dance life experience? 

It was exciting to work on modifying the steps we do standing to sitting so everybody could experience them, and it reinforces my belief that if the student is open minded and willing to do the work, when challenged they will rise to the occasion. 


What was it like to teach the first class? 

It was so wonderful to see everybody so willing to give it their best, and a pure joy to see them enjoy themselves once they understood the steps.


How would you describe the DTP community? 

A welcoming group that encourages one another.


How do you feel after weeks of sharing your dance with the DTP community? What has happened to your dance practice or mindset since starting the sessions? 

I’m very happy to have experienced being part of your community and it has reminded me to slow down, take a breath whenever I’m teaching, and be present with the challenges that arise in class.


Photo by Morgan Bronk Lutz
Joaquin Gamboa Dancing with DTP 11/14/2022


Someone might be reading this blog and thinking –  I WANT TO MEET JOAQUIN or I WANT TO DANCE WITH HIM! How can people get in touch with you? 

I’ll be more than happy to reply to questions and comments here in my email [email protected]

If you want to dance with me you can either join me at:


SOHO Dance LA in Sherman Oaks

14261 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Saturday mornings at 10:30 am


I teach LaBlast fitness, a dance fitness format that teaches all the basics from all the different ballroom and social dance styles, anything you might see in Dancing with the Stars you more than likely will see in my class. But the best part is that you don’t need a partner because all is danced to the mirror. You get a great workout but you also learn the true skill of dance.


I also teach privates in the studio or at home for this format or any social dance style you might want to learn.


Thank you for your time. Any final words of wisdom or thoughts? 


It has been my pleasure, and remember life is short so always live with passion!


Photography by Morgan Bronk Lutz. 

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