After It Happened


Created by:
Laura Karlin, in collaboration with the performers

9 dancers, 2 musicians

Dancers and Co-Choreographers:
Jonathan Bryant, Hyosun Choi, Louie Cornejo, Jessica Dunn, Sofia Klass, Irene Kleinbauer, Jodie Mashburn, Ryan Ruiz, Chris Smith, Cody Wilbourn, Sadie Yarrington

Music by:
Toby Karlin, Diana Lynn and Hyosun Choi

Run Time:
80 minutes, plus intermission

Appropriate for proscenium stages and some black box theatres

Description: Set in the aftermath of a natural disaster, After It Happened, is a story of human resilience, desperation and regrowth, as a community rebuilds itself and searches for hope among the refuse.

“With wild abandon, slick partnering, and sensitive storytelling . . . After It Happened strategically melds dynamic physicality, voice and music to reveal the human condition in a post-calamity community.” – Bachtrack

LA Weekly Pick of the Week: “Invertigo Dance Theatre has a knack for taking an off-kilter viewpoint, creating insightful, contemporary dance theater tinged with wry humor.” – LA Weekly

Ford Theatres: 2016
Odyssey Theatre: 2014

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