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Air Play at Rutgers

In January 2024, Dancing Through Parkinson’s teaching artist Rachel Whiting received an invitation to assist choreographer and teacher Pamela Quinn, founder of PD Movement Lab, in creating a new dance for Rutger’s University Choreo lab. Their acquaintance dates back to a Dance for PD training session at the Mark Morris Dance Center in 2016, with subsequent encounters at the 2019 and 2023 World Parkinson Congresses. Pam and Rachel created a collaborative duet as part of Rachel’s Master’s thesis performance.

Rachel writes: “Pamela’s unique fusion of functionality and expression in her teaching deeply resonates with me, informing my approach as lead teaching artist for the Dancing Through Parkinson’s program in Los Angeles, CA. Rutger’s Choreo Lab, a showcase for choreographers and dancers with disabilities, supported the creation of Quinn’s innovative piece, Air Play, inspired by her use of props in her classes, including musical tubes, balloons, bird whistles, a parachute, bubble blowing, and bubble wrap. Incorporating props is a leveling force and great equalizer in choreography adding intentionality to movement while fostering individual creativity and connection to the playful, kinetic nature of the objects. In the creative process many laughs, and some frustrations were shared as the performers learned to give into unpredictability.

“I share Pamela’s curiosity and enthusiasm in working with dancers and performers of diverse abilities. My time with Pamela provided me with a broader perspective on creative approaches, challenging preconceptions about ability and expanding the boundaries of dance.”

First image: Dancing Through Parkinson’s teaching artist Rachel Whiting shares a moment with the cast of Air Play.
Second image: Dancers rehearsal Pamela Quinn’s premiere Air Play at Rutgers University.

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Everyone’s story is valuable and important, and Day One helps participants find a way to give theirs to the world.

– Rebecca G. (workshop participant)

Virtual workshop dates:
Mondays 6-7pm
April 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th 2024
This program is designed to build from one session to the next. Registration indicates full series participation. 

Day One Workshop Series with Dr. Robert Cochrane 

Join us for this special virtual offering with Dr. Robert Cochrane!

In the Day One Workshop Series, we’ll go over the basics of this novel, evidence-based storytelling program based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. We will play games and engage in narrative-based exercises that encourage creativity. The program is designed to help people in the PD community explore, discover and share their stories with others. Details on the full programs can be found at

This special offering led by Dr. Robert Cochrane will prepare those choosing to participate in DTP’s September performance with storytelling tools, self confidence, and new ways to access creativity. Performance commitment not required to participate in workshop series.

LA Dance Chronicle Features Wellness Weekend 2024! 

May 17 & 18, 2024 (Los Angeles, CA) — Dancing Through Parkinson’s, in partnership with Crenshaw Yoga and Dance, presents Wellness Weekend 2024! These two days will feature free movement classes, mental health and wellness resources, guest speakers, food vendors & more! We are thrilled to bring you a rich roster of classes with professional dance artists, yoga and tai chi practitioners, and professional theater artists. We welcome a variety of neuro-focused brain health & exercise professionals and local & national Parkinson’s organizations to share mental health and wellness resources with you. This event is open to all persons, with or without Parkinson’s, neurological conditions, or mobility challenges.

Invertigo Dance Theatre invites you to connect with your community with two packed days of free classes, resources, and empowerment. Get to know Dancing Through Parkinson’s and the mental health and wellness resources that are available to you!

New Podcast: Fran Talks

The wait is over! We are thrilled to share Francine Ringold’s new podcast! 

Fran is an irreplaceable, joyful, generous member of our Dancing Through Parkinson’s community. Inveritgo is also honored to have her as a Board Member!

Talk with Fran: The Indignities of Aging
An informal chat about aging and much much more… whatever is on your mind. 
Francine Ringold is not a psychiatrist, nor a psychologist, nor a doctor, not that kind of doctor anyway. She has a Ph.D in Letters. She is a grandmother, poet, teacher, and lover of doing things to keep one’s body and mind active. 

“The arts are good for you- that’s just science.”

Check out this incredible article by Lauren Wingenroth discussing what Neuroaesthetics can tell us about what dance does to our brain and bodies.

Photo by Eddie Marritz, Courtesy Mark Morris Dance Group/Dance for PD.

NEW Weekly Class Alert!

Beginning Friday November 3rd, Dancing Through Parkinson’s will be opening a new weekly class hosted at Crenshaw Yoga & Dance!
Join us for our first class and each following Friday! Can’t wait to have another chance to move with you during the week.

Time: Fridays 1:30-2:30pm
Location: 5426 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043
Parking: Metered parking + free neighborhood parking lot.

Click for a map to Crenshaw Yoga & Dance

This programming is made possible by Los Angeles County District 2, Holly Mitchell

DTP’s dance film Blossomed receives
Honorary Mention at the
World Parkinson Congress 2023!


Dance Returns The ‘Joy of Movement’ To People With Parkinson’s

Enfermos de Párkinson “danzan a su propio ritmo”

Dancing Through Parkinson’s Keeps Moving On Zoom

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Brian Tagomori

Brian has played the guitar since the age of eleven, and his music has graced our DTP classes, led by his instructor Heidi Buehler, at the LA Star Dance Studio in Tarzana. Brian feels as though his days of playing are numbered, “It’s both my escapism and my reality check. When I’m playing guitar, I feel transported to living out that young dream of worry free rock stardom.” His lyrics took on a whole new meaning for him when the participants danced to his music in class, giving him a sense of community on a new artistic level. DTP is excited to collaborate with Brian on an upcoming DTP-Zoom song project. Brian, we are honored to have you.

Ross and Rochelle Caballero

Ross became depressed when he was diagnosed in 2015. The first people that came to his mind were his beloved children and wife, Rochelle. Specialists were not providing hopeful news, and the family braced themselves for new life. In 2018, Ross and Rochelle met Laura Karlin who introduced them to DTP. “Now, you have to understand my love-hate relationship with dancing: love to watch other people doing it – hate to do it myself,” he says. Ross had a history of dance instructors telling him he had two left feet and didn’t see dance as an avenue for him. However, at DTP our motto is There are no mistakes in dance, only solos! Soon Ross immersed himself in the dances, which provided assistance in balance, coordination, gait, and cognitive skills. He attends DTP with his wife Rochelle, who doesn’t have PD but thoroughly enjoys the classes. We love having you both in class!

“Without dance, I would have lost my mind by now! Rigid muscles would have taken over. I encourage everyone to put on some music they love and just move!”

– Jeanie McNamara

DTP Special Projects + Initiatives


The newest wing of DTP is a bilingual class taught in Spanish: Baila Conmigo. Classes are designed for and with the Latinx/e community, in partnership with CASA 0101 in Boyle Heights.


With support from the Parkinson’s Foundation, we welcomed guest artists and neurologists into our DTP community. From dialogues with our our participants and teaching artists to a multiple week tango class series (check out our blog post about our time with Joaquin Gamboa!), DTP Infusion expands our participants’ knowledge of movement forms and expression. 


Every week in class, the DTP dancers dance. We also perform as a community, create and share dance films such as the Crane Dance film, which premiered at the 2019 World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto, Japan. In collaboration with the Pina Bausch Foundation, DTP artists danced the Nelken-Line at the Santa Monica beach!

We love collaborating with our participants to find interesting and creative ways to tell their stories. Interested in supporting these projects? You can donate specifically to DTP here!


The Dancing Through Your Story (DTYS) initiative was a six-week special topic series launched at our Tarzana location. DTYS engaged participants in storytelling through movement fundamentals integrated with DTP dance curriculum to facilitate communal healing. The transformative process of exploring and translating stories into dance empowered participants to reconnect to their body and amplify their voice.


Dr. Jeff Bronstein
Neurologist, PD and Movement Disorders, UCLA

Dr. Michele Tagliati
Neurologist, PD, and Director of the Movement Disorders Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Dr. Jeffrey Grant
Internist, Cedars-Sinai

Carol Kaye
MFT, specializing in chronic illnesses

Ali Elder
PT DTP Movement Disorder Therapist, Reactive Physical Therapy

Jill Sonke
Director, University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine

Vickie Kropenske
UCLA Center for Healthier Children Families & Communities

Francziska Steafall
MS Head of Enrichment and Special Projects, Exceptional Children’s Foundation Kayne Eras Center School

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