Rosalida Medina

Rosalida Medina is a costume designer rooted in the art of cloth & storytelling. Born in France to a French artist mom and a Puerto Rican chef from the Bronx, she wove her passion for costuming and fashion, and her collaborative artistry took her to the Paris Opera, theaters in North Carolina and Los Angeles, and movie and TV productions on both coasts. Now based in Los Angeles, Rosalida also Dove into her early passion designing dance costumes. She collaborates with: Cedar Lake Ballet, CONTRA-TIEMPO, Donna Sternberg & Dancers, Clairobscur Dance, and Viver Brasil. She also supervises shows for LA Dance Project. She is forever grateful for the opportunity to concept design and build pieces, wearable art costumes, for Laura Karlin’s brilliant-hearted storytelling shows and would like to particularly, thank the messages rooted in diversity that Invertigo Dance Theatre brings to the world of dance.


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